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PSI VC - PE Funding Network is India’s largest VC Investor network, with 1500 Investors from 400 VC/ PE/ Family Office Fund Companies from 21 Countries. We are sector agnostic and deal sizes are typically $1-100M. Our Portfolio Startups are from all sectors & 20+ countries

We are an Investment Banker for Startups with our globally unique 14 Stage fund raising process. We provide focused 360 Degree Growth for a Startup via Fund Raising, Corporate Sales (upto $100,000 or more via our CXO connects across India Inc.) & Strategic Alliances (E.g. Microsoft, Infosys for a Tech Startup). To raise funding for Startups, we have built the PSI VC / PE Funding Network, one of the world’s largest Professional Investor Networks, comprising 2000+ active Investment Pros from 400 VC Funds, PE Funds & Family Office Funds from 20+ Countries. The common criteria is the Fund should have done at least one investment in India.

Our Investor Network are classified into 6 levels A-F depending on the Investment ticket size (Seed, Pre Series A right upto Private Equity) & also the industry sectors they invest in. Hence VC’s appreciate us as we only approach them with relevant deals


  • The Investor Network : 3000 Investment Professionals from 1000+ Venture Capital Funds, Private Equity Funds, Family Offices, LP’s, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Corporate VC’s, M&A Players from 20+ Countries. Every Fund is mapped against Sectors of interest & funding range. We have personalized conversations with every VC fund to understand their detailed investment philosophy which is never listed on their website

  • The Network of Angel Networks : 1200 Angel Investors from 6 Angel Networks + PSI Angels

  • The Fintech Network : Served over 150 BFSI Companies as clients in India & Globally

  • All Funding Stages Startup Network : 100+ Startups – Seed Stage, Series B+, Unicorns

  • The Industry Verticals Network : Mapping 50+ Investment Sectors, Sub Sectors for every Fund

About Us

Pillars That Define Us


We are committed to doing the right thing for our start-up founders and entrepreneurs while protecting our community of investors. Governance and compliance will always be our key priority.


Our platform is designed to inspire trust between entrepreneurs and investors, minimizing any collateral damage and confusions.

Experienced Team

Dedicated team of experts work day and night, hand in hand with entrepreneurs and investors to find the best fits for each other every time, creating value every step of the way

Meet Our Team

Samir Dahotre
  • LinkedIn

Founder & CEO

Shradha Dahotre.jpg

Shradha Dahotre

  • LinkedIn

Co-Founder & COO

Pournima Photo.jpeg

Pournima Joshi

  • LinkedIn


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