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Airtamer Necklace Air Purifier Device

Covid Solution

Airtamer Necklace Air Purifier Device – NDTV Gadgets Reviewed

AirTamer is a personal air purifier that works on advanced ionic technology. This is a small electronic device to be worn around your neck. It emits a constant stream of healthy negative ions and eliminates ultrafine air pollutants (e.g. virus, pollen, smoke, dust mites, moulds, etc.) that traditional air purifiers like HEPA leave behind. With its versatile design and state-of-the-art electrostatic purification system, AirTamer A310 aims to be the best air purifier in India that has a compact design. It is a powerful and portable air purification device to fight against air pollution by creating a 3-feet bubble of cleaner, safer air around your head, anywhere you go. This device is silent in operation, it has a metal case for storage & travel, it comes with USB charging cable, rechargeable lithium battery & has 150+ Hours of runtime. It is extremely helpful for those who are sensitive to dust, pollution, smoke or have sensitive lungs. The device MRP is INR 9,999/= ($133). Discounts will of course be given for bulk quantities, but all our solutions are an investment in protection of the health of your employees against COVID-19 as well as for the future. E.g. Airtamer was invented to counter the harmful effects of pollution of our cities and can be worn by your employees even after the pandemic

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