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PSI For Startups

Once a startup signs with us, we provide them PSI's World Class Investor Document Templates with pre populated data of another reference startup. This includes a unique 5-page Investor Brief Excel with Funding Ask Breakup, 5 Year Revenue Projections, Exit Valuation & Key Metrics including CAC, LTV, SAM, SOM etc. PSI further enhances this to convert a Startup pitch from Maruti Alto (Small Car) to an S-Class Mercedes Benz Investor Brief. 

360 Degree Value Proposition for Startups

Startup Funding, Valuation Strategic Alliances

PSI’s 360 Degree Support Ecosystem for
Portfolio Startups

PSI’s 360 Degree Wagon Wheel for Startups: PSI has many hats, VC Kingmaker, Investment Banker, the world’s largest investor network etc. We support our Portfolio Startups holistically, long term & in a 360 Degree way

  • Strategic Alliances: No matter what stage a startup is at, strategic alliances create new opportunities for business growth. Successful start-ups need such partnerships to overcome the business challenges they faced on multiple fronts, by teaming with specialist companies sharing the same vision.​

  • Corporate Sales - This sales as a service is provided through our corporate sales program. We leverage the sales force of our team and our corporate connections to help you with your sales tasks, such as warm introductions to corporates, finding new sales channels and help your company grow. 

    • PSI first introduces Startup Founder/ Alliance/ Sales Head to Large Prospect Founder/ CXO. The Prospect Founder might then introduce Startup to Alliance Head at E-Com Brand (PSI Door Opener)

    • Then there will be multiple rounds of discussions between Startup and Prospect until a PO or Business Agreement is signed up. 

    • If there are issues in closing the deal, PSI might get involved, put in a word to the Founder/ CXO/ President and close it (PSI Order Closure)

    • Post this, as soon as Startup gets income flowing in from that specific PSI Customer Connection, PSI gets its Sales Commission from that Income, for every payment milestone.

    • Hence we are highly commercially motivated in what we do. Work with companies who are commercially motivated and will financially benefit from working with you. 

  • Industry Specific Mentors : Finding a startup mentor is a step in the right direction for your startup to move to the next level. As an entrepreneur, you need a  startup mentorship to provide you with a valuable resource in building a strong foundation for your business. PSI has on its network around 25 Industry Specific Mentors hence, we connect the right mentor to the right Startups.

  • Valuation & Pitch Deck : This is a part of our Fund-Raising process. Some Startups/ SME Companies consult with us just to build or validate their valuation. Here we study your initial presentation, make a detailed study of similar Startups who have become Unicorns, and then give you slide suggestions to make an outstanding presentation. We also have documents like a 25 Page Investment Memorandum, 5 Year Financials Excel & Unit Economics Excel which are required during the VC calls

  • Preparing for your VC calls : Mentoring our Startup during its fund raise process, we prepare you for the upcoming VC conversations. We cover every aspect of the Startup business, from composition of the co-founders to your 5-year revenue projections. We also cover crucial aspects like how to utilize the 45 minutes scheduled by the VC, how to handle the VC objections etc.

  • Funding : Our Funding process is detailed separately. There are 2 stages of this project: PSI preparing you for the fund raise, and relevant VC’s being introduced about your Startup with the PSI reference


Detailed assessment and analysis of your business plan preparation of your documents needed. Suggesting the areas of improvements and presenting it our investor network and closing the funding round


Our experts will guide you through the documentation and areas of improvements  in your business. They will guide you through the funding process. Mentored over 1000 + Startups from 50 sectors

Corporate Sales

Helping our startups with corporate sales for their products and services. Years of experience and relationship with India's top corporate's like MNC's, Banks, 


Understanding, assessing

and evaluating your business plan on 1 Hour. consulting call with our experts

Startup Programs

PSI Startup consultation call

PSI Startup Consultation

The consulting or guidance call is for the startups who wish to speak to our industry experts in order to understand the true potential of their own companies. 

startup idea stage.jpeg

PSI Startup Ideation

Helping you build & launch your MVP in the next 6 months. This includes working towards building your MVP, technology strategy, Go To Market Plan, how to scale/ become viral, building Competitive Moat differentiators, guiding you to build your presentation in line with a Unicorn PPT from your sector etc.

PSI statup scaleup program

PSI Startup Scaleup

If your MVP is launched, this program helps you earn revenues because you now have an offering for the market. This Program also includes Strategic Alliances & Industry Mentors, We will also introduce you to a few potential Investors & provide detailed guidance on your pitch deck. We can also explore Corporate Sales Door Opener. Here, there is a one time advance fees (which varies as per your needs), plus Corporate Sales Door Opener Fees & Corporate Sales commissions

fund raising for startups

PSI Investment Banking

Fund Raising for you via a complex 2-month project, where we initially help prepare your documentation, converting it from a Maruti Alto (Small Car) to a World Class S-Class Mercedes Benz Investor Brief. We then present your Investor Brief to 120+ relevant VC funds who invest in your region. Here we work on an advance Investment Banking Retainer Fee (which varies per project) & a success fee

Funding Process

Step 1 : Understanding Your Startup

Every Startup is unique in its present situation of Team Structure, Traction, Revenues, Funding Ask etc. Hence PSI needs to get on a 1 hour Consulting Call with you. The purpose is to understand where specifically you are in your journey, & what areas do you seek guidance from us. Without exception, all Startups have been extremely grateful for this call as it has guided their journey for the next 6-12-24 months. For PSI, the call enables us to qualify if we can raise funding for you, via our main fund raising project of 2-3 months. For you, the call is of even greater importance to get feedback from PSI, if you are VC/ Angel fundable, get specific guidance for your next 1 year, or introductions from us etc. Do briefly study our Corporate Profile/ website to understand the various things we do for Startups including Funding, Corporate Sales (of $100K-$1M), Strategic Alliances, Industry Specific Mentors, free software credits for $10,000 from Freshworks CRM, Free AWS Hosting etc.

Step 2 : Documentation

PSI team will work closely with you to help you prepare extensive documentation for your Startup. This includes Pitch Deck Review (& detailed suggestions for improvement), Investor Brief Email (5 Pages), Investment Memorandum (20-25 Pages), Unit Economics Excel, 5 Year Financials Excel, Valuation etc. This takes 7-10 days after which you can go back to working on scaling on your Startup. We will only contact you to schedule a Zoom call with our VC Fund/ Angel Network/ Individual Angel

Step 3 : Closing Funding Round

Fund Raise: PSI has 3000 Investment Pros (Analysts, VPs, Partners) from 1000 VC, PE, Family Office Funds. Hence we target only the relevant funds who invest in your Sector, Geography & as per your funding ask. We have detailed 1-1 call with each VC fund to understand detailed intricacies of their Investment Philosophy which they never ever list on their website. Hence based on our filtration process, we write to relevant 100-150 VC Funds (out of a total 1000 Funds). Out of these, the relevant Funds are connected to you, which subsequently leads to a Term Sheet & Funding in your bank. We also have a diverse range of Law Firms to guide you on the Legal Aspects of the Term Sheet. Valuation/ Equity Dilution is negotiated with the Fund by PSI along with your Founder. For Angel Fund Raises, PSI has our own PSI Angel Network + another 2000 Angel Investors across 6 Angel Networks


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