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  • Do you help in getting funding if the project is in the ideation stage?
    Yes, we help start-ups at any stage. Be it ideation, development, or growth.
  • Does the investor invest in businesses in different cities or just in their own city?
    The investors we have onboard are willing to invest anywhere in the world as long as the idea/start-up fits their investment criteria.
  • Can you make my pitch deck?
    Yes, we make an entire pitch deck from scratch (for a nominal fee), or if you have pitch deck we can surely help you modify it to make it investor ready. You can also give mock presentations before you appear in front of the investor.
  • Do you charge commission on the funding?
    We charge 4% conversion fees as soon as the funds from the investor hit your account.
  • What kind of investors do you have?
    Investors include High net worth individuals, VCs, Angel Funds, Micro VC’s, Family offices, Banks, Private Equity Funds, Debt Funds, Successful startups, Successful entrepreneurs, Large scale companies, etc.
  • I am not confident in giving a presentation in English, Will that be a problem?"
    No, that would not be a problem at all. Our investors focus on the idea and path you are on rather than your choice of language. Having said that, if there's a language barrier between you and the investor, we can always arrange a translator for the meetings and other communication.
  • My startup is registered in another country, can I still get funded?"
    Yes, as long as everything is legal, there shouldn't be any problem.
  • Can you help/ guide me on how to give presentations to investors?
    Yes, we have experienced team members and mentors from universities like IIM and HARVARD to help you if needed.
  • What are the fees for the whole service?
    The fees varies from INR 50,000 to 5 Lakh depending on what service you want.
  • If after the meeting, I don’t get an investment, will I get a refund?"
    No, you will not. The investors that will meet you are already interested in your idea and are 80% sold into it. Statistically, less than 5% of all entries get a meeting with an investor, and about 82% of them get an offer of investment.
  • For a start-up that I have, how much funding can be arranged?"
    Investment anywhere ranging between INR 1,00,000 to INR 1,00,00,00,000 can easily be arranged through our strong network. Each investor has a different capacity, so we only connect you with the investor or a group of investors having the right capacity to fully fund the kind of money that your start-up needs right now (and might need in future).
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