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The PSI VC PE Investor Network compromises of 2000+ Investment Professionals from 400+ VC, PE, FO firms. We are also one of the largest Global Investor Networks, with Investors from 21 countries, hence we work with startups from all countries globally. We have deep insights & impeccable relations with every VC Investor, as investor relations are built one VC firm at a time. Our Wagon wheel for Investors illustrates our 360 Degree Value Proposition for Investors, especially those looking for M & A. 

Our Investor Network are classified into 6 levels A-F depending on the Investment ticket size (Seed, Pre Series A right upto Private Equity) & also the industry sectors they invest in. Hence VC’s appreciate us as we only approach them with relevant deals


  • The Investor Network : 3000 Investment Professionals from 1000+ Venture Capital Funds, Private Equity Funds, Family Offices, LP’s, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Corporate VC’s, M&A Players from 20+ Countries. Every Fund is mapped against Sectors of interest & funding range. We have personalized conversations with every VC fund to understand their detailed investment philosophy which is never listed on their website

  • The Network of Angel Networks : 1200 Angel Investors from 6 Angel Networks + PSI Angels

  • The Fintech Network : Served over 150 BFSI Companies as clients in India & Globally

  • All Funding Stages Startup Network : 100+ Startups – Seed Stage, Series B+, Unicorns

  • The Industry Verticals Network : Mapping 50+ Investment Sectors, Sub Sectors for every Fund

360 Degree Value Proposition for Investors

360 Degree Value Proposition for Investors to raise funds

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