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Insta VC - Video Conference

Covid Solution

Insta VC – Video Conference | Say NO to Zoom

Say no to Zoom! Check out our #Atmanirbhar #Bharat alternative to ZOOM! Also we should prefer Indian Alternatives to US Companies like Cisco!

PeopleLink is India's prominent Video Conferencing company and their solutions are extremely useful in the current Covid-19 and WFH (Work From Home) which needs to be co-ordinated with WFO (Work from Office). Their solutions are used by the Indian Army for secure communications. They have over 5000+ Clients & Partners including multiple Governments, UIDAI, DRDO, Fortis, Care Hospitals, IL&FS & many more. Insta VC’s Hi-Tech Cameras are optional, but they are essential for Corporate Conference Rooms & Classrooms. E.g. In a 10 Person Conference Room, the camera can automatically Zoom on the Participant which is speaking. They also have Hi Tech Interactive Displays which are explained in the demos below

Insta VC has an entire Collaboration suite of products on their video conferencing platform for Industry Specific applications.

ALL of the below can be applied for your corporate environment.

  • InstaVC for Business Video Meetings

  • InstaTraining for Virtual Classrooms

  • InstaCast for webinar/webcast

  • InstaConsult for Patient-Doctor Video Consulting

  • InstaAPI to integrate InstaVC into any 3rd party application

  • InstaADBE Single Platform for all Business communication

Video 1:

An International Team of 20 Doctors guided 1000’s of videoconference attendees on dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic

Video 2:

Demonstration of the Solution for your multiple offices, WFH & Remote Education, including Demo of Peoplelink Zoom-In Cameras & Interactive Host Display Systems

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