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A tribute To The Man Who Never Ever Gives Up – Mr. G S Dahotre

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Article about G S Dahotre in Times of India
Blog about G S Dahotre

I am writing this post in humble appreciation of the countless number of Congratulations message my father Mr. G S Dahotre has got through his win in the Delhi High Court v/s the Finance Ministry of the Union Government of India. I am grateful to the Times of India for publishing this as a Headline / Front Page Story. These are the stories of victory for the common man which we all Indians would love to hear & learn from. Also after reading this post dear readers will realize that this victory is not accidental.

TOI Headline Story Link:

Times City News paper covers G S Dahotre Story about struggle to get pension
Times City News paper covers G S Dahotre Story

G S Dahotre article on struggle with government to get pension covered in Times of India News paper
G S Dahotre article in Times of India News paper

First a few facts on the case & Mr. Dahotre:-

·        Mr. G S Dahotre is currently 81 and residing at Pune. He conveys (through this post) his deep appreciation to everyone who has congratulated him; and more so the people who have felt a similar pain of treatment by the Government. At the same time he urges us all to use legal methods to fight for our rights. Justice will be delivered, as it has in this case

·        After the Judge’s decision i would request all Central & State Government to IN FUTURE treat pension cases of ordinary citizens with priority and not make the common man go through pain & expenditure for years together

·        While he has been chasing his pension for 20 years this case was filed just 18 months back. Within 18 months a case has been filed and settled is unprecedented. This case proves that you don’t need to have big connections to take on a big adversary. If your case is strong & just, you will win. But yes, you do need a good lawyer also. This also proves that the Judicial System in India works and also provides fast justice

·        Mr. G S Dahotre is one of India’s most successful bankers ever. Success is rated by the fact that the Union Government was the one who promoted him rapidly due to sheer and outstanding performance. He started his career in State Bank of India as a Probationary Officer in 1957. Despite being so junior; he was then hand picked by SBI’s legendary Chairman Mr. R K Talwar to start the Merchant Banking Division of SBI. Effectively he became India’s first merchant banker as SBI was the first bank to introduce this service in India

·        He has stayed in over 20 houses in just the city of Mumbai because he unquestionably took his next posting & promotion. This is what many of us in PSU’s are reluctant to do even today and this might hamper your growth. Besides this he also was posted in different part of India

·        Post SBI he joined Bank of India. He rapidly rose there also to the top post of DGM – Pune Region. Subsequently he was appointed GM and then at the extremely young age of 51 he was appointed Executive Director of Dena Bank. This is super performance confirmed by the Finance Ministry as ED & Chairman posting are exclusively the decision of the Ministry and not the bank; and they appointed him. Hence after 18 years in Bank of India the Government promoted him (in Public Interest – Please note all PSU postings are in the Public Interest) to ED of Dena Bank. Hence he could not complete 20 years in Bank of India due to his promotion to Dena Bank

·        Later he became CMD (Chairman & Managing Director) of Dena Bank. At age 57 (after completing 8 years in Dena Bank) he was appointed Chairman & Managing Director of Bank of India. So again he could not complete the new 10 year rule (for pension eligibility) due to the Finance Ministry’s decision to promote him

·        He then retired at age 60, spent a couple of years on the Board of BSE; and then lived his retired life to the fullest. He still has a full schedule including a rigorous physical routine every morning which has kept him physically & mentally alert. Besides this he is involved in Social causes in Pune & our village Wai (Near Mahableshwar) where the movie Gangaajal was shot

·        People who have personally interacted with him are well aware of the tremendous aura he carries and the tremendous respect his mere presence creates. All his colleagues and juniors will certify he is an extremely tough task master and expects superlative performance from all his team members. So what if its a PSU? But at the same time he has dealt with pressing issues which affect his colleagues and his human side is known to few. But those who know it never forget him. It is his personal drive, commitment & effort to help so many people that has transformed the lives of so many

·        His motto in life is simple “Always go on obliging & helping people in your life. Don’t ever expect anything in return”. This case was like his life’s motto. He never expected to win. He just put in his 20 years into chasing this pension. This was his last unfulfilled dream. And the Delhi High Court granted him that dream

·        He has turned the lives of so many people in the family, his friends, their children and at many times a few very junior colleagues in his banking career which has transformed their lives

·        I have also spent a lot of efforts on trying to solve this matter with every known contact I have including those in Government

·        Some of the notable achievements of Mr. G S Dahotre’s career (and this is not the first time he has made headlines) are:-

  • One of India’s first merchant banker, launched the same for SBI way back in the 60’s

  • Launched India’s first Farmer Credit Card (Kisan Credit Card) in Dena Bank. An unheard of concept in those days. The Farmer could take the card, visit the branch... take cash on credit & buy their supplies

  • Computerized Bank of India’s main branch operations about a decade before the Core Banking wave began in India. Was not using a computer in those days but understood its importance

  • Secured a huge loan from the then Finance Minister for Bank of India to clean up its balance sheet. After this the bank went on its growth path and never has looked back till today. Even today’s Bank of India senior officials (or even some senior branch team members) can provide you insights to this important event

  • Was appointed Chairman of the Dahotre Committee of the Reserve Bank of India for credit requirements for the yet emerging leasing industry

  • Was one of the first CEO’s to foresee the Bandra Kurla Complex as India’s next financial hub. Under his watch Bank of India was one of the first buyers of a property block at BKC (Where the Bank has two massive Corporate Office buildings today)

  • Many more

  • My personal thoughts are “I shudder to wonder at the extreme difficulties of the common man. If Mr. Dahotre with his background had such a struggle, imagine what would happen to them”. Hence my appeal to all readers is to help those less privileged than you

  • What is the moral of the story? Well from Mr. G S Dahotre’s point of view this is just one more feather in his long list of extreme achievements in his career & personal life. But his message to me has been consistent. Don’t ever give up on your objective. Don’t ever lose sight of your objective. Put in your maximum (in most of his cases extreme) efforts. Rest leave it to fate. Well in his case, he consistently usually wins. Luck does favour the brave & hardworking.

  • A bit about myself: Most people who professionally know me know me as an extremely customer oriented person. In all the thousands of congratulations I got for this case the one that truly touched me was from the Ex DGM of SBI in Charge of the Infosys Finacle Core Banking Project which I was a part of in 2006-07. That he (my customer) wished my dad was the most valuable congratulations I have ever had and the fact that he sent me an SMS means I am privileged enough that he still has my number saved. I have been one of India’s senior Fintech experts having spent 12+ years of my 17 year job career in Banking Technology. (Last job was as Country Manager for Pivotal CRM which at that time was running in Axis Bank, Federal Bank, Citi, Deutsche, Max NY Life, SBI Life, Chola MS etc.). Being surrounded by outstanding Bankers since childhood naturally helped me bond with Bank CIO’s, Chairmen & CEO’s as I knew them like no one from the IT industry ever could (This in Startup language is also called – FIRST MOVER ADVANTAGE. I had quite a headstart)

  • After a 17 years super successful sales career with top global companies like Infosys, Microsoft & HCL I have now completed 4 years of Entrepreneurship in the 2 companies I am involved with. The value system from these 3 outstanding employers has helped in tremendously during the last 4 years of entrepreneurship.

  • We are now on our “Roadmap to Series A funding” for – A globally popular Art Platform for Indian Home Decor, Fashion & Pure Art. Our other company PERSPECTIVE is also representing some very hot start-ups for guidance, growth & Angel/ Early stage funding.

Thank You again for your blessings & good wishes. I once again reiterate that I hold the Union Government & Finance Ministry in extremely high regard. The Government is doing a superb job.

Thank You for Your Time!

More blogs to follow:

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