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Shark ID

Covid Solution

Contactless Visitor Tracking with FREE Tablet Solution

No one would like to use pens and paper visitor registration book when visiting your office, shop or residential society. SharkID has come up with a unique solution which comes with a FREE Tablet. It comes with a Tablet, SIM Card & the Shark ID Visitor Management App preinstalled on the tablet. You need to put up a display of your missed call number. The visitor has to simply give a missed call to the Tablet, and from there his name, number & address is captured on the Shark ID E-Register. This also enables data to be uploaded to your central IT Systems (which is currently not being done). The visitor also needs to mention who he is visiting so that he can be tracked till he leaves your premises. Shark ID is part of Shark Identity Pvt. Ltd., a 500 Team software company which also specializes in E-Procurement Solutions

Shark ID Smart Calling App: 2 Million+ users trust Shark ID for their daily communication needs for caller ID, Spam detection, finding connections of contacts within their trusted friend group to elevate trust on an unknown caller. It is also different from Truecaller because whenever you call a new person, then the 2-3-person link between you and that person is shown. Help us create an #Atmanirbhar Bharat! Ditch TrueCaller & switch to SharkID! Try it now at Playstore or Apple. Search for: Shark ID


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