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Startup Programs 

PSI offers a range of services to support companies during the entire fund raise life cycle of a startup including preparing financial models and pitch decks along with the startup team, reaching out to investors and lenders, managing due diligence, drafting and negotiating term sheets and finally facilitating deal closure. 

Startup Consulting Call

In this consultation or guidance call our experts will asses, analyze and evaluate your pitch deck. This will help our team to unlock the hidden value of your company.

What will you get from this call :

  • Guidance from industry experts

  • The positive and the negative aspects of your business

Get on call now : Consulting Call  1 Hr

Fee - INR 5,000

Startup Scaleup Program

A scaleup is basically a high-growth company. If your MVP is launched, this program helps you earn revenues because you now have an offering for the market. it is vital for scaleups to have the right level of support and the right network to work through and overcome whatever issues they face during this important business phase.

What Does it Include :

  • Strategic Alliances 

  • Industry Mentors

  • Detailed guidance on your pitch deck

  • Corporate Sales Door Opener


Scaleup Program Fee : INR 1,00,000

Corporate Sales

We help Startups in corporate sales to help your revenues grow exponentially. Especially it is vital for your Startup to acquire big brand as clients (or Corporate Buyer) as it also helps in getting funding

How it works :

  • PSI first qualifies if you do have EXCEPTIONAL products/ services to serve such large clients.

  • Large Business Groups: Here we introduce you to large business groups, the person we will introduce you to will be Executive Vice President, Vice President or above  

  • Unicorns: Here we can introduce you to Series A+ to Unicorn level Startup Founders or a member of the Management Team.

  • Alliance Sales (B2B2C Revenue): They are again strategic partners to help your Startup make large revenues.

Corporate Sales : Fees will depend on scope

Custom Designed Pitch Deck

Increase your chances of funding by 5X. We propel startups from Seed to Series A. 95% of the presentations suck, don't let it happen to your Pitch Deck. You don't get a second chance to make the first impression with investors because most investors decide in the first few minutes.

About Pitch Deck :

  • 12-15 slides Investor ready deck

  • 20 hours of design

  • Editable file with full rights

  • Progressive iterations 

  • Backed by 5-Year Financial Projection and Valuation

  • Comes with powerful story line that hooks the audience.

Pitch Deck Fee : INR 20,000

Startup Ideation Program

Our strategy consulting and advisory services focus on providing clients with optimal and sustainable solutions to drive long-term growth. By bringing together several years of experience in business analysis, we support our startups through key decision-making processes.

What will you get :

  • Helping you to build & launch your MVP, technology strategy

  • Go To Market Plan, how to scale/ become viral

  • Building Competitive Moat differentiatorby guiding you to build your presentation in line with a Unicorn PPT 

Ideation Program Fee : INR 50,000

Startup Funding

Whatever the stage of your startup, whatever your goals, whatever your valuation, one thing remains the same. You need to create a fundraising strategy. Your fundraising strategic plan needs reliable groundwork in order to properly position you in front of the right people, this is where we come in

How it works :

  • Evaluating current status of your startup

  • Identifying areas of improvement and helping you with  

  • Typical areas include strategy, business model, plan, story, materials, pitch, team, partnerships, traction, investor strategy etc.

  • Preparing investor ready pitch deck and other required documents

  • Setting up call with the VC's and investors

  • Negotiating terms with the investors

  • Close the funding round

Funding Program : Fees will depend on scope

Startup Selection Criteria

PSI is a global VC - PE funding network with startups from 10+ countries. We are sector agnostic with more than 50 sectors and sub sectors

Startups interested in applying should match the following criteria :

  • Must have done the product to market fit validation, customer validation and tested the initial business model.

  • Have already received some investment or generated significant revenue by bootstrapping and be looking for next investment to grow effectively.

  • Have a strong core team with key positions (marketing, technology, leadership).

  • Be working on unique idea that solves significant market problem

  • Be working on a large or growing global potential or high-value niche.

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