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India's largest Investor Network

PSI - The VC / PE

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India's Largest Investor Network
3000+ Active Investors | 1000+ VC/PE Funds  | 20+ Countries

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PSI is the world’s largest VC, PE Investor Network, with 3000 Investment Professionals from 1000+ Investment Funds (VC’s, PE’s, Family Offices, Corporate Conglomerates, Corporate VCs, Sovereign Wealth Funds, LP’s) from 35+ Countries. PSI is an Investment Banking (Plus) Firm, Plus as we help our clients not just with fund raise, but with our 360 Degree Support Ecosystem for VC’s & Startups.

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1000 VC/PE Funds, 1200 Angels, 100+ Corporates

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     360 Degree Support Ecosystem for Investors and Startups

Services for Investor like M & A, Syndicated Series B+ Funding Rounds

Wagon wheel for Investors illustrates our 360 Degree Value Proposition for Investors, especially those looking for M & A, Syndicated Series B+ Funding Rounds.

Wagon wheel for Startup's illustrates our 360 Degree Value Proposition for Startup's, especially those looking for VC/PE Funding, Valuation, Strategic Alliances & Corporate Sales.

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What Investor's Say

“PSI’s network of both VCs & LPs is assisting our own fund, Vonzo Capital, raise funding from LPs from Canada & the US”

Shahab Samimi

Partner, Vonzo Capital, Vancouver, Canada

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