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PSI Covid-19 Challenge Response for Unlocking your Company​

26 Startup/ MSME Solutions for Employee & Office Safety, Social Distancing & Communication


We have a host of 26 Startup Solutions from to counter COVID-19 from Life Management, Healthcare, Education, Social Distancing, Videoconferencing etc. which are described ahead. Most of the solutions provide long term solutions for Employee & Workplace Safety. These startups are from India & it is essential for us to do this NOW to establish an #Atmanirbhar Bharat

Intended Audience

Covid19: Our Message for Corporate CSR, Grants, Governments & VC Funds

The intended audience for this document are classified as follows: -

  • Corporate CEO/ HR Heads: To protect your employees, offices & campus

  • Corporates/ CSR/ Grants: As a Corporate, you can contribute with a financial grant or CSR contribution to PSI, and we will deploy these funds for delivering these solutions to COVID Warriors: Police, Healthcare Workers, Govt & Transport Staff

  • Government / Hospitals: We can directly supply these solutions to you

  • VC Fund/ Bank: As a VC, you can look at an equity investment in any of the companies. Or as a bank you can loan them to support their order books

Covid -19 Solutions

1. V-Safe Shield: Reusable Copper Face Mask (Category: Employee Safety)

PSI Portfolio Startup Subhag Health-Tech is an Indian Startup with its HQ in Germany, and operations in Bangalore. They are a Health Tech Startup which has invented the first home treatment alternative to IVF. They have also patented & invented the V-Safe Copper Shield Mask which has become extremely popular in Bangalore. Copper is renowned for its ability to fight bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. The virus’ DNA, when it comes in contact with copper is killed, hence it cannot infect you. Here is the Medical Evidence prepared by The Institute of Engineering & Technology, UK.

2. Personal Alcohol Spray Sanitizer, Pocket Size

There is high risk of COVID transmission from objects being passed between people. This is the most ultimate personal safety solution for protecting your Employees. This is a USB powered small Personal Alcohol based Sprayer about 5” height which can fit in your pocket/ purse, with an On / Off Switch which starts a directed & continuous spray. It is very useful for spraying your Currency Notes, Hands, Mobile, Bike Handle, Keys, Office Keyboard, Car Steering, Doors, Grocery Packets etc. E.g. Currency notes cannot be sanitized by Liquid Sanitizer. Also Sanitizing your mobile with this enables you to avoid sensitive areas like the charging port. The device itself can be charged with your mobile charger. It requires standard liquid (not gel) sanitizer

Indicative Price: INR 400 ($6)| Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Units

3. Darshanam Life & Self-Management

Many of us are undergoing enormous stress, or at least some kind of Anxiety post the Covid Pandemic. These vary from stress coming from WFO (Work from Office), WFH (Work from Home), Financial Security, Job Security, Inter-Personal Family issues due to lockdown, friction with Co-Workers at office due to incoordination due to WFH etc. Darshanam is founded by Life & Self-Management Guru Rohan Ghate, & his sessions are becoming very popular for both Individuals & Corporates. Their Program covers over 40 topics for Life & Self-Management. They have programs for both Corporate Group Sessions as well as individual & confidential counselling. We would request you to share this information on your Internal HR Portal

4. Insta VC – Video Conference | Say NO to Zoom

Say no to Zoom! Check out our #Atmanirbhar #Bharat alternative to ZOOM! Also we should prefer Indian Alternatives to US Companies like Cisco!

PeopleLink is India's prominent Video Conferencing company and their solutions are extremely useful in the current Covid-19 and WFH (Work From Home) which needs to be co-ordinated with WFO (Work from Office). Their solutions are used by the Indian Army for secure communications. They have over 5000+ Clients & Partners including multiple Governments, UIDAI, DRDO, Fortis, Care Hospitals, IL&FS & many more. Insta VC’s Hi-Tech Cameras are optional, but they are essential for Corporate Conference Rooms & Classrooms. E.g. In a 10 Person Conference Room, the camera can automatically Zoom on the Participant which is speaking. They also have Hi Tech Interactive Displays which are explained in the demos below

5. Secure Entry Point - Wall Mount Temp Scan + Automatic Sanitizer

There is real danger for your Office or Residence by visitors entering your premises, as they can carry the coronavirus. PSI Entry Point Solutions secures your employees from Visitors, Delivery Boys, Couriers, your Vendors, Contractors, etc.

Solution Description: Any visitor entering your office is first asked to put his face in front of our wall mounted Temperature Scanner. This device is battery operated, hence can be fixed anywhere. If the temperature is OK, then the visitor can use our contactless sanitizer which disposes the sanitizer as soon as the hands are placed below the nozzle. The visitor can then safely enter your office

6. Biometric Face ID & Temperature Scanner

The Ivy PMDK-08 is a Personnel Management Digital Kiosk. This is a high-tech solution to track temperatures of your employees & visitors, as well as track mask compliance & ensure premise exit. There are a number of visitors who need to be allowed inside premises (office or residence) like Electricians, Plumbers, Caterers etc. PMDK comprises of a Tablet / Mobile which has a Temperature Scanner with it. For Employees, their temperature is measured and they are logged in the system dashboard. Each employee is also required to wear a mask, and is identified by the biometrics of the non-mask area of the face. Those employees without masks are warned to wear them otherwise they will not be admitted. The System Dashboard tracks Employees & Visitors separately. This is essential to ensure that all Employees & Visitors have exited the premises at the end of the day

7. Face X Transparent Face Shield for Office Employees

This is a high-quality transparent face shield for protecting the full face of your employee in addition to a mask. It can also be swung up to your forehead whenever you are at a safe social distance e.g. at your desk. It is durable and adjustable to fit your head. It can also be disinfected with Soap or Sanitizer. However, we would always recommend V-Safe Copper Face Shield as the V-Safe mask can kill the coronavirus, while a face shield mask does not do that

Indicative Unit Price: INR 100 ($1.33) | Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Units

8. Ventilated Full Seal Face Mask – High Customer Footfall

This is a solution from another manufacturer with very high credentials in Industrial Design. This is a full-fledged transparent sheet with a foam border to cover your entire face with no gaps. It also has scientifically designed washable nanotech filters. It is most suitable for Employees at high risk who deal with a large number of people e.g. Bank, Shop & Mall Employees. It is also most suitable for Factory Workers who face additional hazards of smoke, toxic fumes etc. We can also provide high volume quantities of N95, N99, PPE Kits, 3M 8210 Masks etc.

9. Social Distancing Cone Barricade + Foot Sanitizer

This is a high-quality vinyl structure from a high-volume manufacturer which can be assembled in minutes to form the shape of a Traffic Cone. It has been designed to fit in a sanitizer bottle at the top which can be foot operated. Since it is similar in shape to a Red Cone Traffic Barrier, it can be effectively used as a barrier between Employee Desks. How to implement: Please place the Barricade at every alternate Employee Workstation, so that there is one entire Workstation gap of 6 Feet between two Employees. These products can be fully branded as per your corporate logo & messages like “We value your safety at ABC Bank/ Your Company Name”. Please order in advance as Govt. might soon allow 50% capacity at Workplace, and this is the best solution for every alternative workstation desk

Indicative Unit Price: INR 1000 ($14) | Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Units

10. Social Distancing Floor Stickers

These are standard circular floor stickers to put in you’re the floor of your office, residence, mall, bank branch, retail branch etc. for ensuring 6 feet distance between your customers. They can be branded as per your corporate brand. Note the YouTube Link is just for reference. We have a local Indian Manufacturer to make these in high production quantities for you. But please order in advance as these items are in high demand

11. Shop, Reception & Bank Counter Safety Shied

This is a Vinyl based barrier to be put up at any location with high number of visitor footfalls. This is a vertical Vinyl based barrier which can be assembled in minutes. It comprises of a vertical vinyl frame with a clear plastic sheet in the central area. E.g. at reception counter. It effectively protects your employees from direct transmissions from your customers or visitors. It can be effectively placed at any high footfall areas such as your office receptions, all office, factory entry points, security guard stations, shop billing counters, mall counters, bank branch counters, restaurant billing or pickup counters etc. It can be easily sanitized with sanitizer spray. The frame can also be branded as per your Corporate Colors, Logo & Message

12. Heavy Duty Fogging Sanitizer Machine

This is a heavy-duty fogging machine which can be used to sanitize your office premises, reception areas, lifts, compounds, vehicles etc. It is required to be filled with liquid (not gel) sanitizer. Once the device warms up, you turn it on and it emits a heavy volume of fog spray to sanitize high footfall areas or even your entire office, or Society Compound & Lifts. Also, this is a good investment for future as well, because sanitized premises are always safer

13. Fretbox Housing Society or Office Visitor Management App

Fretbox is an effective app to empower your Employees or your Housing Society residents. In office scenario it empowers a visitor to directly contact an employee as reception desks are sometime not able to co-ordinate between an employee & visitor. Also, Employees cannot raise tickets for Carpenter, Electrician, Order a Coffee at their desk etc. FretBox helps to improve Citizen Happiness Score by providing services like Residents Complaint Management, Visitor Management, Amenities Booking, Publishing Notice for Residents, Accounts & Payments and a lot more. Contact us for a video call discussion today!

14. WHO Recommended & FDA Approved Sanitizer Liquid

This is a high-quality pharma manufacturer offering international standards Sanitizer Liquid for supplying to all your offices nationally. Their manufacturing facility is FDA approved. They are also WHO GMP certified and meets the latest guidelines by the USFDA, EUGMP AND ICH. They manufacture various types of Sanitizer Liquids and we can also look at providing Sanitization Services for your premises via our high-volume Premise Sanitizing Team

15. Enforce Employee Social Distancing with Device / Wristband

This startup has been recognized by the Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India

This is an extremely high-tech Hardware & Software Solution to enforce Social Distancing Between Employees. The Hardware is in the form of a Wrist Band (like a Wrist Watch) to be worn by every Employee. Alternately it has a rectangular box device also. Anytime the user removes the band or device, HR / IT / Admin is alerted of non-compliance. Contact tracing history of every person is also tracked. Geo fencing can be setup for COVID suspects. If they return to office premises, an alert will be given to Admin. Overcrowding is measured and counter measures can be immediately enforced by your HR / Security. The Demo Video is another solution video which is also available but is quite expensive

16. Airtamer Necklace Air Purifier Device – NDTV Gadgets Reviewed

AirTamer is a personal air purifier that works on advanced ionic technology. This is a small electronic device to be worn around your neck. It emits a constant stream of healthy negative ions and eliminates ultrafine air pollutants (e.g. virus, pollen, smoke, dust mites, moulds, etc.) that traditional air purifiers like HEPA leave behind. With its versatile design and state-of-the-art electrostatic purification system, AirTamer A310 aims to be the best air purifier in India that has a compact design. It is a powerful and portable air purification device to fight against air pollution by creating a 3-feet bubble of cleaner, safer air around your head, anywhere you go.

17. Mitra Robot checking temperature & Doctor Counselling

Invento Robotics is India’s most famous Humanoid Robotics company. The Mitra Robot shot to global fame when PM Modi & US Presidential Advisor Ivanka Trump inaugurated the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 via the Display on the Mitra Robot. Their marque clients include Accenture, Zomato, PVR Cinemas, MG Motors, General Motors, Suzuki etc.

This is the Invento Mitra Robot which has been deployed at Fortis Hospital Bangalore. It can take temperature scans of your employees or visitors, it also handles visitor registration. It also has a display via which any Employee or Visitor can consult via the Mitra Display with an actual doctor, e.g. about your symptoms, are they really covid, or normal flu

These Robots are available on monthly rent as well as outright purchase

18. Contact less Visitor Tracking with FREE Tablet Solution

No one would like to use pens and paper visitor registration book when visiting your office, shop or residential society. SharkID has come up with a unique solution which comes with a FREE Tablet. It comes with a Tablet, SIM Card & the Shark ID Visitor Management App preinstalled on the tablet. You need to put up a display of your missed call number. The visitor has to simply give a missed call to the Tablet, and from there his name, number & address is captured on the Shark ID E-Register. This also enables data to be uploaded to your central IT Systems (which is currently not being done). The visitor also needs to mention who he is visiting so that he can be tracked till he leaves your premises. Shark ID is part of Shark Identity Pvt. Ltd., a 500 Team software company which also specializes in E-Procurement Solutions

 19. Class Up Parents – Teachers Communication App

Class Up is a vital education solution as Schools & Colleges are operating remotely. ClassUp is India's first App based platform to connect Teachers and Parents. This app enables a true 2-way, seamless, regular communication between Parents and Teachers and turn them into partners in the Child's education journey, to deliver superior learning outcomes. ClassUp covers every aspect of communication be it student feedback, homework, test marks, exam results, broadcasts, even Pics & Videos of various school activities. In addition, Class Up has a complete ERP for schools to handle tasks from Admission, Exams, Transport, Fees which reduces their costs on manpower & enhances the educational institute’s efficiency. Try it out for your kid’s school or college today!

20. Large scale Temperature Scan Helmets

These are very useful for high footfall areas, high crowding areas like Malls, Roads, Railway Stations, Metro Stations. It can also be used in your office or factory to monitor temperature of your employees during the day. It comprises of an Infrared Camera fitted to the helmet. Security can scan all the people in the office and get real time temperatures of each and every person. People who are having high temperatures come marked as red in the visor of the helmet, and can be easily identified and then diagnosed by your Medical Team

21. AIrdog Electronic Air Purifier – Coronavirus Killer

This is a Silicon Valley Startup for whom we have the India Distribution rights. This is an electronic device which operates at 40KV, to filter 40 NM particles as well as kill virus particles. CDC Test results show that Airdog can kill 99.99% of the influenza virus which is similar to COVID-19. Coronavirus size is between 60-140 NM, which is the same in size as Influenza (H3N2) Virus, and both have similar forms & features. Also consider this as a long-term anti-viral & anti-bacterial solution for your office, and not just for the pandemic. This solution which has a high lead time. We have around 10 Units in India

22. PPE Kits, Ventilators & COVID Testing Kits

These are primarily meant for Healthcare workers, but can be equally considered for employees who are at high risk and areas where close contact between employees are unavoidable. All the products are from Indian Manufacturers and have high quality standards. Our PPT Kits have been supplied to the AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi) in high volume. Once again please only let us know for high volume requirements

23. Lightweight Suitcase Foldable Bed

This is a high-quality PVC product from a reputable high-volume manufacturer. This is a suitcase with a weight of just 8 kgs. You have to open up the suitcase and assemble it into a strong bed within minutes. It transforms into a full 6-foot bed with head rest. It is so strong that 3 peoples can sit on it simultaneously and our demo shows that a man can even stand on it. This will be very helpful for any employee who is not feeling well, then they can be put in an isolation area. This is also very useful to have around your office recreation area for employees wanting a quick nap as well. It is fully waterproof and will become an essential accessory for camping trips as well. Hence it has multiple uses for your employees & can be purchased for long term use by your company

24. Temporary Cardboard Bed

This is also a unique bed with a different design and with very strong framework made of corrugated cardboard. It is so strong that 3 peoples can sit on it simultaneously and our demo shows that a man can even stand on it. This will be very helpful for any employee who is not feeling well, then they can be put in an isolation area. This is also very useful to have around your office recreation area for employees wanting a quick nap as well. Hence it has multiple uses for your employees

25. COVID Ward Turnkey Setup + Hospital Bed Manufacturer

This is Manufacturer & Interior Design firm which has provided 1000’s of beds to Indian Hospitals during the pandemic. The company has 10+ years’ experience in Interior Design and can manufacture entire COVID wards with partitions etc. & high-quality metal Ward beds

26. Airdog Power Operated Face Breathing Mask

This is a product made for each one of us who are struggling with polluted air and not just viruses. Such masks are common place abroad for countering city pollution. This is a Silicon Valley Startup for whom we have the India Distribution rights. Airdog is a face mask with high quality HIPA Filter. The mask is connected via a pipe to a dual filtration system fitted on your upper arm which is power operated. One filter blows out used air outside your mask. Another filter blows in clean air into your mask. Hence this completely solves the problem of masks suffocating you, and in fact provides you much cleaner air compared to the higher pollution air in our cities

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